Consumer Insights
September 23, 2019

Trend Two: We are becoming more self-sufficient!

Cathy Fernandes

Firstly, I can look after myself

‘I can look after myself’ consumers are active and engaged but turning to services that simplify, clarify and improve every day lives, rather than manage it for them. Food with ‘Free from’ labels are still the fastest growing category in packaged food, but apps such as Spoon Guru offer consumers a way to design their diet without relying on supermarket branding

Secondly, Consumers prioritize health, happiness and simplicity and will spend more to get it

‘I can look after myself’ is a form of self-help; however, rather than abiding by the same rhetoric that we must care for ourselves kindly, this consumer tends to put emphasis on the fact that we can care of ourselves successfully. People are seeking ways to simplify their lives. Fewer things, but willing to spend money for quality

Thirdly, Hype products have gone hyperactive, leaving consumers self-sufficient

Hype products exist in all consumer industries but are particularly prevalent in luxury goods, food & nutrition, beauty & fashion and more recently ethical labels. With so much choice and so many claims being made that promise to change one’s life, consumers increasingly want to take control of their well-being, cut out the noise and stop relying on brands as much. Ultimately, products should aid and facilitate wellbeing, not hinder it.

The primary learning and or take away:

  1. There is a major focus on ‘natural’ products

There is a focus on Conscious Consumerism, environmental concerns and ultimately a move away from chemicals. People are moving towards more ‘natural’ products as brands and messaging have promoted people to be more mindful about what and how they consume.

Along with the grip and influence of social media, and topped with the pressure of their immediate communities, consumers now demand follow through – This pressure has also been infiltrated into all parts of the modern consumers’ every day - therefore a brand can build true loyalty if they show they improve the consumers live styles, and integrate this philosophy into the brands DNA from the beginning.