April 30, 2020

Pivot Your Strategy: Direct Mail vs Influencer Marketing

Robin Ryan

P I V O T - If you haven’t used this word in the last 6 weeks, where have you been?  

Once the dust settled and everyone got used to our new “norm”,marketers around the world have had to pivot. But what does that mean exactly? Well to be honest, it means different things to different brands, depending on the industry.  


Over the past 6 weeks we have seen a surge in online activity from all the major social platforms. Instagram has seen increased usage by 40%, FB by 70% and Tik Tok has seen crazy growth as people try to keep themselves sane/entertained.  


While on the traditional side we have seen a rapid decline in DirectMail with bricks and mortars being closed and people staying put.  Not to mention the production of Direct Mail was difficult as it was deemed a non-essential service.  And because of this we have seen some big brands like Canadian Tire put all their direct mail on hold.  So where should you shift this budget, so you don’t lose it?  While the obvious answer may be online, where exactly you should be upping the ante may be surprising.  


Sure, you should be putting some of that budget in search.  Maybe even your paid social.  But what about good ol’ word of mouth marketing?  


Influencer Marketing is modern-day Word of Mouth Marketing at its best.  We watch our favourite influencer stalk about their lives for hours on end as they show us behind the scenes of their routines and what products they use and which ones they love.  


“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted source.  A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message”

- Mark Zuckerberg


With 80% of Influencers reporting higher engagement from their followers, there is no better time than now to use this medium.  


First, what are some of the reasons you use direct mail?   Reach a local audience?  Timely customized message?  Track results or all of the above?


WellI am here to tell you that you can do all that and more with InfluencerMarketing.

Social Media users now, more than ever, are looking for familiar faces they trust to make them feel some sort of normalcy again.  That said, when partnering, both brands and influencers have to be hyper aware and sensitive of the current climate and address it head on.  


By promoting items that make life better or support social distancing, brands will be seen as forward thinking and compassionate.


Brands who are seeing the most growth during this time are not taking their foot off the gas, they are just adjusting the speed and pivoting to where consumers are spending their time.

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