June 18, 2019

How Tim Hortons Scored Big Time With Their Latest Raptors Superfan Commercial

Robin Ryan

Go Raps Go! Not a Raps fan? No problem. Tim Hortons new commercial with Raptors’ Superfan Nav Bhatia brings out all the feels. Raptors fan or not.

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, you really should. This commercial is the quintessential feel-good content marketing story. It takes an ‘average’ someone that people are familiar with (not a celebrity) and celebrates their story via a piece of content that would make even the hardest cynic melt.   

Nav Bhatia has been a Superfan for the Toronto Raptors for 24 years. He has never missed a game since the team’s inception in 1995 and has sat in seat A12. every. single. game. To say he was excited when the Raptors finally headed to the championship finals is an understatement.  

What may surprise you is that Nav is not originally from Toronto. Or even Canada for that matter. Which is why this Superfan is so important to Canadians and the world alike.

The Tim Hortons commercial about the Raptors’ Superfan is how Canadians are so diverse and for the most part, have embraced Nav with open arms.  That’s not to say Nav hasn’t faced discrimination, (we aren’t perfect, but we are getting there) and how he has handled it in the most graceful way possible. Most recently when at a Raptors finals game, Nav was confronted with an incident of discrimination. Not only did he remain calm, but he invited the exasperated fan to dinner so they could talk.  

Nav has an inspirational immigration story and also gives back to the community in a big way. Each year he brings thousands of kids to watch the Raptors. In his new found platform, he is hoping to change misconceptions about Sikhs & South Asians specifically.  

So, what’s next for Nav? “I am launching the Nav Bhatia Superfan Foundation where I am building basketball courts and hosting camps for kids from all backgrounds to come together through the game of basketball.”

Nav hopes that when people see him, they see diversity and why Canada is so special.

But well done to Tim Hortons for shining a light on not one but two important topics - Diversity & Loyalty. The emotional connection that this video has will hopefully stimulate brand loyalty for the Canadian Coffee Chain for years to come. 

Content Marketing at its finest. Watch the video here:

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