Influencer Marketing Coordinator

Full Time

Job Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Assist the VOICE team in pitches and concept development.
  • Continuously familiarize with the influencer landscape and onboard new talent for JONES’ talent base. 
  • Provide general departmental support through ideation, administration, and management. 
  • Assist the Influencer & Creative Program Manager at meetings and assist with talent direction and slide production, etc. 
  • Assist Influencer Marketing Manager in market research and trends.
  • Assist in the creation of content for JONES’ social media accounts. 
  • Produce and distribute a monthly competitive highlights email, sent out to the team internally. 
  • Assist with creation of “Voice of the Week” newsletters.
  • Continue to meet with talent and talent agencies to maintain relationships. 
  • Plan and execute community events, such as Voice Academy.  
  • Cover off the Influencer Marketing Manager when away – I.e. higher level strategy brainstorms and campaign management coverage.
  • Brainstorm and implement efficiencies VOICE team at large (I.e. process adjustments, etc.).