Influencer Marketing

JONES helped a toy retailer spread the holiday cheer & awareness of the top ten toys for 2018.

Delivering top results & great toys.

In December 2018, a toy manufacturing company enlisted JONES to work with prominent Mommy Bloggers and Instagram Influencers aimed at spreading awareness of the top ten toys of the 2018 Holiday season.  

JONES hand selected 11 influencers to create a series of Instagram stories unboxing the top ten toys as well as 1 Instagram in feed gallery post of all the toys. 3 Influencers also produced a blog post in addition to the Instagram assets.

On top of the contracted influencers JONES also enlisted 13 EARNED Influencers to highlight the toys on their social platform of choice.

While the influencers boosted the posts on Instagram organically, JONES further amplified the content using Social DNA to reach the desired target – parents with young children or gift givers.

The campaign reached over 7.3 million people, had over 95K+ engagements & 98% positive social sentiment. And because of the additional Earned Influencers as well as the extra earned posts, the Earned Media Value was over $200K!

This influencer campaign not only highlighted the top ten toys for the holiday season, they also helped consumers know where they could buy them with a buy now call to action.

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