Influencer Marketing

Helping this F.I. spread awareness about the new & improved benefits from their travel credit card. 

How JONES helped spread the word about how to get more stamps on a passport.

In the fall of 2018, a leading financial institution enlisted JONES to work with Canadian Instagrammers and YouTubers to create the perfect travel story with aim of spreading awareness about their new travel card and its benefits.

JONES hand-selected 4 YouTuber and 2 Instagrammers from the field of food, lifestyle, travel and family, to create 6 visually superlative videos (English & French) with social cut-downs. They amplified the videos through 3 social posts each across their highest performing platforms. 

While influencers amplified their content on Instagram and Facebook organically, JONES further amplified the content using Social DNA to reach the desired primary target – Travel enthusiasts.

The content created for this campaign achieved 1.93 million video views. The campaign reached over 5.6 million people, had over 43K+ engagements & 92.2% positive social sentiment. Apart from the contracted posts, the influencers shared additional earned posts. The Earned Media Value was over $159K!

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