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Keeping Up With The Joneses

How JONES Works

Our value extends beyond executing campaigns. We craft custom strategies and apply real-time data & insights in order to ensure that the optimal tools and tactics are chosen so every campaign, every program, every dollar hits the right mark and even the hardest marketing objectives are accomplished.

One, Two, Three Approach:

1. Insights & Research

Utilizing Social Sentiment to generate a comprehensive Competitive Analysis and trends report, we can identify strategic opportunities at campaign onset and report back critical insights that provide a panoramic view of your campaign results

2. Strategy & Development

Building on the foundations provided by our initial research we work to plan out all elements of a campaign strategically; ensuring brand and market alignment is considered at every step in the process. Our output of intelligent strategy, rich content & creative and effective media execution; paralleled by incredible customer service and account management. From Digital Media and websites to out of home experiences and PR, Jones can cover it all

3. Implementation & Measurement

Using the foundation laid on data, Jones executes intelligent Media strategies; Optimizing content and creative through a synthesised measurement & reporting process, generating actionable data and  Insights for current campaign improvements and future strategic planning. Jones wraps their superior results easy to understand post-campaign reports; highlighting key insights while providing the contextual data so that every Post Report is coherent and concise while remaining defensible with data.

"When marketing to an entire audience this still means you are trying to engage specifically with one person, one individual, one unique set of behaviours & emotions, at any given time"
Cathy Fernandes

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Managed campaigns since 1994

3 offices

You’ll find us in Toronto, New York & Montreal

Company Milestones

JONES Media Begins

Focuses on eCommerce and exclusive publisher distribution

Technology Foundation

Jones builds a proprietary data management solution and the beginnings of influencer marketing + BI stack

Creator Network

A global network of 20,000 content creators/influencers across all platforms

Enters the Cannabis Market.

Built a cannabis compliant marketing and advertising team.

October 2018

A team of great people.

People who take everything seriously. From getting work done to having as much fun as possible at the same time. We approach life with the same zeal for it all. We're a team you will love to work with and trust to have working for you.

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